Comprehensive Evaluation and Assessment

All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy”
Education implies all round development of body, mind and soul. Such education requires go beyond class room teaching. The development and growth of moral and ethical values; nurturing character building, tolerance, sense of co-operation, dignity of labour and self-discipline. True education also aims at inculcating the feeling of patriotism and pride in nation as well as international heritage. All this implies the participation of students in co-curricular activities like literary, cultural & sports.

  1. A regular account of the participation in Non-scholastic & co-curricular activities is maintained by the cumulative record incharge (CR)
  2. It is the responsibility of the convener of the activity and the participants to communicate the list of students alongwith the result, the students concerned see that their achievement has been properly recorded.
  3. Comprehensive Evaluation Committee (CEC) will review the performance of every students in non scholastic activities and finalize the bonus marks and grades and grades and display the result separately.
  4. Decision of the comprehensive Evaluation Committee (CEC) in this regard is final, CEC includes HOD, House Incharge & one teacher nominated by the Principal.
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